Advalus Technical Advisory

Advalus provides technical advisory in the following areas:

Business Analysis

  • Defining and quantifying the client's current 'As Is' Baseline in technical, financial and commercial terms.
  • Assessing Service Requirements and defining the cost-effective options for improvement.
  • Visualising and framing the future 'To Be' conditions within the organisation.
  • Engaging relevant users and stakeholders within the client organisation.
  • Benchmarking against (and developing) genuine comparators - including 'should cost' and 'bespoke' service delivery models.
  • Gap assessment and Options to rectify 'Gaps'.
  • Cost / Benefit justifications for Service Investments/Improvements.
  • Business Case and Approvals documentation;
    • Approvals stakeholder engagement support.
    • Risk Assessment and detailed modelling.

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning

  • Assessment Phase: Risk and Business Impact Analysis ('BIA').
  • Review and Analytics Phase: Design options and response plans.
  • Reporting Phase: Response plan development and communication.
  • Implementation: Documentation / Testing / Training / Adoption.
  • Live Support: Maintenance/ Refresh of BIA / DRP /BCP.

Digital Services Strategy

  • Alignment of Digital Strategy with the client's Business Strategy / Business Planning.
  • Placing internal /external users and customers at the heart of Digital Services.
  • Defining and documenting the client's current 'As Is' Baselin.
  • Assessing Digital opportunities, User Requirements, etc. and defining the cost-effective options for pathways, access, and improvement.
  • Gap assessment and Options to rectify 'Gaps' in content /media / infrastructure / access.
  • Visualising and framing the future 'To Be' enhancements within the organisation.
  • Sourcing requirements and development of operational models to deliver change.
  • Engaging relevant users and stakeholders on the digital transformation.
  • Benchmarking (and developing) genuine comparators for digital enhancements – including 'should cost' and 'bespoke' service delivery models.
  • Cost / Benefit justifications for Service Investments/Improvements.
  • Business Case and Approvals documentation; and
  • Risk Assessment, Security, and implementation modelling.

Information and Documents

  • Enterprise Information Management systems – Assessment /Selection/ Adoption / Use.
  • Document Management Systems and Software – Assessment / Selection / Adoption /Use.
  • Records Management – Assessment / Options / Planning / Adoption / Use.
  • Data Warehousing / Portals / Access and Security.

Security and Risk Management

  • Security and Risk Surveys for systems / programmes / parts or all of an organisation.
  • Risk Management: assessment and review models (for both current and proposed).
  • Risk Analysis: reports and management plans to assess and action priorities.
  • Developing and maintaining an appropriate risk management environment.
  • Alignment with business planning and Digital / ICT strategy.

System Road Map Development

  • Specification and validation of system requirements.
  • Stakeholder identification / engagement / management.
  • Rationalisation of technology options and planning timelines.
  • Development and reinforcement of road map reports with performance / cost / time evidence.
  • Programme / Project / Change / Delivery management support to ensure objectives and benefits.

Organisational Strategy

  • Analysis of current 'As Is' and baseline for enhancement.
  • Design, testing and formulation of options (including SWOT and PEST analysis).
  • Stakeholder engagement and review process for options.
  • Reporting and governance of option review /selection.
  • Implementation planning and support.
  • Links to operational strategy and operational modelling.

Operational Modelling

  • Analysis and review of current delivery model - 'As Is' baselining and gap analysis / SWOT analysis.
  • Establishing responsibility and targets for strategy, service design, service operation, and service improvements in the 'To Be' state.
  • Design, document, communicate, project manage, and establish enhancements to the delivery model (using Agile / Prince 2 methodologies).
  • Performance review.

Commissioning Services

  • Commissioning and management of ICT / Cloud / Digital Services.
  • Assessing customer needs and requirements, user and system or service definitions.
  • Designing and testing procurement options with benchmark comparators.
  • Sourcing strategy and legal guidelines.
  • User and customer support.

Procurement and Supply

  • Procurement strategy and delivery.
  • Supply chain management / risk / assessment and enhancement.
  • Market / Industry engagement and development.
  • Commercial cost and payment structures.
  • Contract support: Reviews / amendments / closure / enhancements.

Risk and Opportunity Management

  • Risk identification and assessment reviews (including probability and valuation analysis).
  • Stakeholder management of the risk / opportunity process ('ROM') and securing buy in & benefits.
  • Establishing and maintaining ROM in the organisation.
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