Financial Advisory Services

Advalus provides our clients with the following range of financial advisory services enabling clients to address corporate requirements and the circumstances associated with individual programmes / projects.

Accounting Advice and Risk

  • Interpreting and complying with relevant standards:
    • Generally Accepted Accounting Practice in the UK (UK GAAP) including FRS; and
    • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • Planning and Implementing Restructuring.
  • Acquisitions and disposals.
  • Fraud and fraud prevention.

Acquisition Finance Solutions

  • Advising HMG and corporate clients on related-party acquisitions/investments including:
    • Appraisal and Evaluation of options.
    • Identifying and risk assessing sources of finance.
    • Risk analysis: specifically the implications and security within financing package.
    • External finance and / or leasing: including tax impacts and structuring options.

Asset Financial Management including Sales Disposal

  • Future Assets Strategy: Options Analysis.
  • Asset valuation and risk reviews.
  • Asset management systems.
  • Fair value methodologies.
  • Asset financing & re-financing.
  • Management of Asset sale: buyer identification, risk assessments, transactional support.
  • Environmental factors: secure data and assets disposal, HSE implications.
  • Accounting advice on valuations, sales and disposals.

Business Analysis

  • Corporate Strategy and Business Strategy .
  • Viability studies for current / future operations.
  • Business / VFM reviews of Teams, Directorates, NDPBs and Agencies, Departments.
  • Sustainability and risk assessments: legal requirements vs funding sources.
  • Improvement programmes; cost reductions, efficiency improvements, enhancing outputs, scaling options.
  • Assessment of internal capabilities (people, systems, tech, IP, funding) and advice on value-driven reconfigurations.

Capital Fund Raising Derivatives and Hedging

  • Capital raising: strategy, options and risk assessment.
  • Investment hedging options for HMG clients including pension investment exposure analysis.
  • Advice and analysis of HMG use of Financial Instruments and Derivatives.

Cash Management

  • Working Capital/ Cash management strategy and options.
  • Financial risk assessment and potential strategic responses.
  • Treasury and cash management processes and systems.

Commercial Benefits

  • Commercialisation strategy.
  • Opportunity assessment.
  • Options analysis (including risk/ cost/ benefit analysis) for HMG clients.
  • Active management of commercial benefit delivery, including new product development required (measurement, management and tracking).

Competition Policy

  • Advice on relevant regulatory implications for client options / procurements.
  • EU and domestic legislation, and tracking changes throughout the UK's departure process from the EU.
  • Best-value analysis, balancing competition and other commercial factors (including market size and maturity, capital needs, risk, and term).

Complex Cost Benefit

  • Cost-benefit analysis: evidential risk based assessment and analysis of business options, risk, counterfactuals, market evidence, valuations.
  • Benefit case appraisals / reviews.
  • Risk based assessments of potential business investments and decisions.
  • Transition of cost-benefit analysis into realisation management plans and benefit delivery teams.

Corporate Restructuring and Flotations

  • Advice to clients on the options/ financial implications of corporate restructuring, including:
    • Schemes of arrangement.
    • Change of control requests from non-UK investors.
    • Cost efficiencies vs organisational capability change and sustainability.

Costing Review and Administration

  • Assessment and Assurance on costings underpinning budget submissions, business and investment cases, change plans, and client reporting requirements /reviews:
    • Fundamentals review of costing composition.
    • Assumptions testing.
    • Sensitivity testing.
    • Benchmarking and comparisons,
    • Master data and assumptions schedule.

Creditor Management

  • Corporate strategy.
  • Requirements specification.
  • Outsourcing strategy and implementation.

Debt Restructuring

  • Review / Assess / Reports on proposed financial restructuring for 3rd parties (suppliers, partners, agencies), including debt refinancing and restructuring.
    • Lender/consortia debt conditions and security - and risk /impact assessments for HMG client.
    • Direct implications / impact (supply contracts, equity stakes, NDPB/agency obligations).

Developing and Assessing Project Proposals and Business Cases

  • Development and assessment of project proposals / cases:
    • across the lifecycle in accordance with prevailing Government policy (including Treasury Green Book and Managing Public Money guidance),
  • Outline Proposals, PID, Strategic Outline Programme Case (SOP), Strategic Outline Case (SOC), OBC and FBC.
  • Create and develop the required Business and Approval Cases, plus all required supporting information, including:
    • Strategic Case - development of arguments, papers and briefs setting out the case, information notes, and briefing notes to support these cases.
    • Economic Case - creation of Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA), Benefit Realisation Plan (BRP), Investment Appraisal (IA) and Options analysis (long list, selection criteria,
    • recommendation), VFM Assessment, Sensitivity analysis, Distributional Analysis, Optimism Bias, Risk analysis.
  • Commercial Case - Procurement options analysis, Risk transfer assessment, service requirements, payment mechanisms, contract risk issues, key negotiation aspects, incluidng TUPE obligations.
  • Financial Case - Cost forecasts (current/nominal), Analysis of sources and uses of funding, Affordability assessment across CDEL/RDEL/IND-RDEL analysis, Balance sheet impact analysis, accounting implications.
  • Management Case - Governance and structuring risk assessment, Organisational risk analysis, project plans, recruitment plans, contingency/fall back options.

Due Diligence

  • We perform Due Diligence at all levels:
    • Departmental,
    • Directorate,
    • Enterprise / Corporate
    • Programme,
    • Project or
    • Individual System
  • Deployed team installed to analyse all data, systems and policy, and supplement with individual interviews.
  • Gaps identified, risks articulated and reports generated for client to determine remedial actions/mitigations.

Economic Case

  • Project specific (micro) economic analysis covering:
    • Strategic priorities vs resources.
    • Optimum resource allocations and business/project options.
    • Risks and uncertainty - assessment and advice.
    • Tracking and measurement of non-monetary outcomes and benefits.

Financial Accounting & Reporting

  • Advice on emerging financial accounting changes (including but not limited to changes to IFRS, UK GAAP and FRS)
  • Advice on accounting issues for HMG departments, NDPBs and Agencies, including COS VAT, and budgeting for Cash and Non-Cash funds
  • Financial / Risk / Opportunity reporting advice at the contract, project and departmental levels
  • Assurance service on reporting - quality, data sources and systems

Financial performance review and viability studies

  • Reviews and assurance of financial performance, at contract/project/department level, covering:
    • Funding structure(s).
    • Cost and efficiency.
    • Working capital outlook.
    • Output efficiency (VFM).
    • Sustainability.

Financial policy and strategy advice (including options appraisal, communications, analysis and modelling)

  • Review of existing policy and strategy, and preparation of strategic option reviews and papers, including:
    • Identification of key financial risks, including policy alignments.
    • Sources of funding and capital risks.
    • Demand modelling.
    • Options for enhancement / implementation as required; including communications and delivery plans.

Financing Public Infrastructure / Negotiations

  • Support to major public infrastructure projects; including:
    • Options / Specification and Commercial design of structure and terms - contract, funding, payment mechanism, risk assessments.
    • Market analysis - capability and competition, funding structure and risks.
    • Supplier negotiation support - contract, pricing, terms, transition / implementation planning.

Forecasting and Budgeting

  • Creation / facilitation of bottom-up budgets and forecasts for client teams.
  • Review of existing budgets/forecasts - variance and risk analysis.
  • Sensitivity testing, scenario analysis.
  • Shortfall analysis, options and remedial advice.

Foreign Exchange

  • Outsourcing strategy and implementation.

Funding Management

  • Specification / Contractual Requirements.
  • Outsourcing strategy and implementation.

Investment, Financial Advice and Market Services

  • Corporate strategy.
  • Client side advice on HMG interests, stewardship / risk.
  • Outsourcing strategy and implementation.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments

  • Corporate strategy and management /stewardship of UK Government interests.
  • Options analysis, valuation, and option selection for HMG interest / customer protection.
  • Stakeholder liaison / expert advice.
  • Change of control requests / negotiation.
  • Contractual negotiation support.

Payment Structures and Risk

  • Design advice on payment mechanism for client procurements/projects.
  • Review of existing payment mechanisms/commercial structures and risk assessment /valuation.
  • Option papers and briefings on commercial structuring and payment mechanisms/ risk.
  • Negotiation support / Contractual close.

Pensions and Actuarial Consultancy Services

  • Corporate strategy.
  • Client side advice on specification / procurement.
  • Outsourcing strategy and implementation.

Policy Impact Assessments

  • Review of current policy baseline / change pressures /stakeholders.
  • Option analysis of the internal / external change drivers.
  • Impact of Policy on Performance /Cost / Time / Risk / VFM variables for the client authority.
  • Option selection and evaluation.
  • Reporting and Presentation of Recommendations.

Private Finance Structures

  • Advice on all aspects of private finance (financial/commercial / technical /security /risk impacts):
    • Contractual options and legal structures.
    • Adequacy / Security / Risks of Supply structures (Prime + Subs, Consortia, JVs).
    • Payment mechanisms: design / review /restructure.
    • Commercial support in drafting / negotiation of external contract.
    • Implementation / transition.
    • Through Life Reviews.

Regulation Benchmarking

  • Review of current benchmarking policy / contractual baseline.
  • Option / Market analysis of the comparators available.
  • Impact of benchmarking comparators on Performance /Cost / Time / Risk / VFM variables for the client authority.
  • Option selection and evaluation.
  • Reporting and presentation of recommendations.

Risk Management

  • Alignment of Risk Management Strategy with Corporate / Business Strategy.
  • Establishing Risk Opportunity Management 'ROM' as part of the culture /approach.
  • Review / Assess / Enhancement of risk management processes and supporting tools.
  • Advice on governance and oversight of risk management.
  • Briefings to stakeholders - from working level to board - on risks and risk management.
  • Development of mitigation /enhancements options and recommendations.
  • Development / Reporting / Implementation of plans and support to client enhancements.

Statutory Reporting

  • Support to client accounting teams in developing statutory accounting and reporting:
    • Includes year end accounts, statutory declarations, FOI compliance.


  • VAT accounting implications - across Departmental and NDPB/Agency boundaries.

Treasury Management

  • Advice on:
    • Working capital modelling and requirements.
    • Capital structuring and cash flow management.
    • Capital risk exposure (FX, investments, guarantees).
    • Alignment of Financial & Corporate strategy with Financial Operations.
    • In –House v Outsourcing strategy and implementation.
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