Business Consultancy: Corporate Services

Advalus provide a multi-displinary approach to business consultancy which enables our clients to choose from the following services:

Business Case Development

Creation and development of Business Cases (BCs) across the lifecycle (in accordance with prevailing Government policy - including Treasury Green Book and Managing Public Money guidance- and following the 5 case model approach;

  • Strategic Outline Programme Case (SOP), Strategic Outline Project Case (SOC), Outline Business case (OBC) and Full Business Cases (FBS), plus other cases as negotiated on bespoke basis with HMT
  • We can create and develop the BC itself, plus all required supporting information, including:
    • Strategic Case - development of arguments, papers and briefs etc setting out the case for change, with information notes and briefing notes to support.
    • Economic Case - creation of Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA), Benefit Realisation Plan (BRP), Investment Appraisal (IA) and Options analysis (long list, selection criteria, recommendation), VFM Assessment, Sensitivity analysis, Distributional Analysis Optimism Bias or Risk analysis.
    • Commercial Case - Procurement options analysis, Risk transfer assessment, service requirements, paymech, contract risk issues, key negotiation aspects and TUPE obligations and considerations.
    • Financial Case - Cost forecasts (current/nominal), Analysis of sources and uses of funding, affordability assessment across CDEL/RDEL/IND-RDEL analysis, balance sheet impact analysis, accounting implications.
    • Management Case - Governance and structuring risk assessment, Organisational risk analysis, project plans, recruitment plans, contingency/fallback options.

Capability Development

Advalus can provide the support required to develop capability at the organisation wide, programme, project team, clusters, and individual level;

  • Our process includes the following:
    • Capability Gap Analysis and Redesign (mapping 'To Be' against 'As Is').
    • Identification and creation of capability development strategies.
    • Training Needs Analysis.
    • Tools and methods analysis and delivery plan.
    • Training Design.
    • Training deployment.
    • Evaluation and Quality Assurance.

Change & Transformation Management

  • Current Baseline / Evidence of Need /Systematic evidence based reviews.
  • Analysis of key factors and constraints (people, assets, technology, processes, innovation, market threats)
  • Case for Change (assessment /evaluation/ design/ prioritisation / stakeholders).
  • Planning and change management control / supervision process /resource.
  • Achieving the journey – management & results.
  • Agile, Waterfall delivery techniques and specialists.
  • Stakeholders -ensuring that business partners are bound into and support the proposed changes.

Complex Projects

  • Feasibility and Options Assessment (including Cost Benefit and Investment Appraisal of development /restructuring options).
  • Procurement and Industrial Strategy re Third Parties.
  • Improvement programmes; cost reductions, efficiency improvements, enhancing outputs, scaling options.
  • Assessment of internal capabilities (people, systems, tech, IP, funding) and advice on value-driven reconfigurations.
  • Assessment and design of delivery structure (governance and executive, project delivery teams).
  • Sustainability and legal risk assessments: legal requirements vs funding sources.
  • Procurement and project delivery support.
  • Commercial negotiation.
  • Business Case / Approvals support.
  • Through life reviews / enhancements.

Corporate and Operational Planning

  • Creation of corporate plans at all levels; Strategic Plan: Tactical Plan: and Operational Plan
  • Development of the Operational Plan across the business units, and Divisions
  • Flow down of plans to projects and BAU activities at detailed level to ensure full strategic alignment
  • Support includes all planning, management products and documentation including:
    • team structures, recruitment and training plans
    • dissemination and alignment of strategic outcomes to tactical and operational activities
    • budgets and plans to secure investment

Forecasting, Planning and Strategy

  • Strategic assessment of forecasting capability and risks, recommendations to enhance capability.
  • Development of detailed, dynamic forecasts across a range of data - including demand volumes, infrastructure, financial performance and related outputs.
  • Detailed models created with full dynamic flexibility, and associated Master Data and Assumptions Lists (MDAL).
  • Linking forecasting to operational plans in a dynamic way to test alignment and sensitivity.

Organisational Strategy

  • Review/critique/creation of organisational strategy.
  • As Is and To Be Assessment of People, Capability Gaps and Opportunities.
  • Assessment of Process/Technology Gaps and Opportunities.
  • Stakeholder and shareholder liaison / management.
  • Management of the whole change process - from definition of Strategy/Outcomes, through delivery and restructure, into continual improvement phase.

Policy Development, Advice and Review

  • Systematic approach to Policy analysis and advice (scoping, problem definition, evaluation criteria, identification and evaluation of alternatives, to select preferred).
  • SWOT / PEST analysis on policy evidence base(s), and advice on addressing evidence deficit(s).
  • Design and implementation of policy review processes to assure effectiveness (ongoing review cycle).

Programme and Project Management

  • Reinforce programme management structures through introduction of relevant Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) into specific roles, as a team, or as advisory support to the customer’s own PMO structure.
  • Deliver or support specific project management tasks; eg risk management, benefit management, stakeholder engagement, approvals management.
  • Provide a mix of expertise to ensure coherence between the generic management, technical /delivery management, commercial management, security, and financial / business analyst aspects
  • Introduce transparency and evidence-based reporting; to be clear on actual progress and performance / delivery risk.
  • Experts are established programme management practitioners (MSP, PRINCE 2, Agile etc) to ensure alignment with client preferences on methods etc.

Business and Disaster Recovery

  • Development of a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan, including:
    • critical function map - tracing outcomes back to inputs, and identifying critical junctures, processes, people, systems (SW and HW) and data.
    • identification /assessment of DR risk - setting out the potential threats and forms of contingency required.
    • tailored response plans; using a combination of the critical function mapping and risk assessment to develop a series of specific mitigation/response plans.
    • development and communication of plans - working with the organisation to refine, communicate and encourage understanding of the DR plans.
    • Linkage of the established DR plans into the overall Business Continuity Management (BCM) systems.

Continuity Planning

  • Deployment of Continuity Planning and Business Continuity Management (BCM) across a range of capabilities and outputs (organisational , resourcing, ICT, financial planning, operational planning, security, project continuity)
  • Design and construct Business Continuity Plans (BCP) in the context of best practice, regulations and accreditation bodies - with graded risk assessments and recommendations
  • Each plan includes and is supported by:
    • full risk assessment.
    • business impact analysis.
    • development of 1 or more reversion plans.
    • testing plan.
    • training plan.
    • software/tools/methodolgoy recommendations.


  • Competition and Markets.
  • UK & International law, public policy and regulatory implications.
  • Business case evidence formulation.
  • Contract and Procurement Design.
  • Dispute Support.
  • User dynamics and pricing.
  • Technology and Impacts.

Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

  • Market analysis and assurance (sectoral, customers, competitors, emergent/disruptors).
  • Capability analysis and assurance (talent, technology, pipeline, constraints).
  • Brand/positional analysis and assurance.
  • Financial, Tax and Accounting analysis.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Development of JV structures and alliance options - balancing risks, opportunities, timescales and commitment.
  • Development of recommendation and implementation plans / playbooks.
  • Development of financing and structuring recommendation.
  • Identifying exit options and mitigation strategies.
  • Negotiation / Implementation to maximise value.

Restructuring Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposals

  • Strategy / Business Case / Evidential support.
  • External analysis - markets, assets, technologies, personnel, IP and innovation.
  • Identification of funding/ investment sources/options as required, risk assessment and recommendations.
  • Advice on restructuring businesses and assets, finances and corporate structures: in preparation for M&A or disposals.
  • Assessment of potential counterparties and support/ supply chains to identify correct target/buyer in line with strategic ambitions.
  • Provide specialists in rules, regulations and taxation implications.

Outsourcing / Insourcing Advice

  • Outsourcing advisory:
    • Market Analysis and macro trends assessment.
    • Specialist Risk analysis.
    • Options assessment and economic value analysis.
    • Contract structuring and advice.
    • Reporting / Presentation / Stakeholders.
  • In-sourcing advisory:
    • Target operating modelling (including Organisational structure design, Job profiling and expert modelling for Resource, Technology and process design).
    • Risk identification and mitigation (critical functions, control risks).
    • Compliance management.
    • HR, Talent and Recruitment plans.
    • Day 1 / through life implementation plans.

Procurement Advice

  • Procurement strategy for options assessment and selection.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Contract management.
  • Support and CIPs / Legal specialists advice provided at all stages of the programme /project lifecycle.

Risk and Opportunity Management

  • Organisational / Programme level Risk Assessment and Management - scoping, data collection, exposure analysis, ongoing evaluation.
  • Stakeholder liaison (workshops, board presentations and approvals).
  • Detailed Risk and Opportunity (Identification / Modelling and Forecasting).
  • Risk valuation/cost forecasting (incl. 3 point estimating and risk/uncertainty 'spread' modelling).
  • Monte Carlo analysis and modelling.
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