• Business Management Consultancy
    Advalus Business Management Consultants - provide public sector management consultancy across all elements of the security, technical and financial aspects of projects and programmes, specifically within Government organisations
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    Business Management Consultancy
    Advalus Business Management Consultants - provide multi-disciplinary advisory teams and expert advice on the commercial, technical, security and financial aspects of Public Sector projects and programmes.

Financial Consultancy Services

Advalus Financial SME Consultants provide a number of Financial Services in support of public and private sector clients, including:

  • Cost/ benefit feasibility studies  for Services, Programmes, and Projects
  • Production of pro-forma business cases & affordability studies
  • Formal approval cases
  • Assessment & evaluation of service strategy and delivery options
  • Investment appraisal of options
  • Market, supplier and business analysis to support option assessment
  • Benchmarking and should cost comparators
  • Risk management
  • Financial structuring of  external contracts, funding sources, and new service delivery organisations
  • Procurement support and financial evaluation
  • Complex financial modeling
  • Special purpose vehicles, creation of ‘not for profit’ organisations 
  • Financial contractual documentation and audit / peer reviews (including payment mechanisms) 
  • Through life support on Change Management and Performance Review


Advalus - Adding value to your business
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